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Dogs are better than human beings because they know but do not tell.

"In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semihuman. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog."

"I like dogs better [than people]. They give you unconditional love. They either lick your face or bite you, but you always know where they're coming from. With people, you never know which ones will bite.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Disaster Preparedness for Pets by ASPCA.

September is Disaster Preparedness Month and ASPCA is bringing together various disaster experts for a Google+ Hangout to talk about how to prepare for disasters with pets. The virtual event will take place on Thursday, September 18th at 7pm ET and it will be moderated by GMA’s weather anchor Ginger Zee, featuring  experts from ASPCA, FEMA and USDA, as well as special animal guests who were disaster survivors.


To find out the latest tips and get a free rescue alert sticker for your home, kindly visit:  www.aspca.org/BePrepared. I am also encouraging you guys to download their free ASPCA App which includes a check-list of actions to take before, during and after a major storm.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Hector and the Search for Happiness Star Luna Struts her Stuff at Strut Your Mutt


When it comes to finding happiness it doesn’t get much easier than a day full of wagging tails and furry paws. To help promote the upcoming release of, “Hector and the Search for Happiness, “ Relativity Media along with DOG for DOG took part in the Best Friends Animal Society’s, Los Angeles Strut Your Mutt fundraising walk, and brought Luna, the Boston Terrier, dog star, of the film along to lead the team. 

Lassie and Luna
Luna met the public like any true star would, posing for pictures with the press, taking selfies with fans and even taking time to meet up for a quick photo shoot with the other canine star in attendance, Lassie.

“Hector and the Search for Happiness” comes to theaters on September 19, 2014, and along with Luna, the film stars, Simon Pegg, Rosamund Pike, Toni Collette, Stellan Skarsgard, Jean Reno and Christopher Plummer.  The film follows, Pegg’s character as he travels the globe in the search of the secret to happiness. 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Celebrate with Make and Bake!

Special thoughts for special occasions; we usually show special thoughts by highlighting each celebrations with a special cake – may it be birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, achievements, or just a mere special commemoration. It is either we look for the best tasting cakes among the famous local bakeries or we buy budget cakes just to show our purest thoughts. This is how we, humans celebrate, and we, humans are sharing these thoughts with our pets nowadays. That is why special bakeries for pets started to come out of the market like mushrooms. They offer special celebration cakes and goodies that have ingredients just right for our pets. But do pets appreciate when we share with them the standards of human celebration?

Of course, pets do appreciate, the same way they appreciate when we pet them, when we cuddle them, when we give them their favorite belly rubs, when we give them treats, or when we play with them. Dogs, to be specific, are pets that appreciate and remember positive deeds. It is the same logic that applies when teaching our furkids good behaviors and doggy manners, they purposely repeat actions that give them positive responses from their masters. They might not be knowledgeable about their birth dates but they do remember that they were able to eat a good treat once in a while.

So, why not share with your pets a special cake made and baked just for them on their special days? Make the celebration extra special with Make and Bake’s dedicated cakes and goodies for your furkids! Make and Bake, a bakery for pets only uses vet approved, natural and homemade ingredients in their exceptional pet cakes. Every healthy treat they serve are the result of extensive research, development and testing. What’s good with this specialty store is that they bake customized pup at catcakes for your pets with specific tummy and allergy requirements; Pawty Cakes, Pupcakes and Catcakes, customized Pupcakes, Frosty Paws, Pawfect Biscuits, name it they have it.  Oh, and take note, they also deliver pup and catcakes within Metro Manila (charges apply)!

For more information about Make and bake and their contact details:

 For Make and Bake menu, kindly refer to the picture below:

A One Week Love Affair

It was love at first sight.

During an official visit to one of our offices, we unintentionally set eyes with her. It was the first time we saw her, and she really captured our hearts. The black and white little furball wags her tail as I carried her out from her cage. As much as we want to have her, it is not possible. As of what I heard, the furball is already reserved for someone else.

Trying to have a female Siberian Husky for our Stewie, a male Siberian Husky, we tried to ask again if any is available for release or for sale. And yes, the cute little furball that once we set eyes with was then available! She was the only one left from her batch, her other littermates didn't make through the critical stage of its early lives, while the other one was already released to its new owner. The furball was then available, but for a price that we could not afford.  But God made a way, and we got a good offer to have her, and we definitely grabbed the chance. The then named Chamber, and then Heidi is now named Lois as we already had her by then.

Lois, a black and white female Siberian Husky, almost 3 months of age happily wagged her tail as she officially started her first day in her new home with us. The sweet little furball really knew how to make us smile. She followed us whenever we walk around, ran around her place, played her squeaky toy, and teased Stewie most of the time. But one thing we noticed, she was coughing and had runny nose.

Before her first step on her new home, we brought her to a veterinarian to have her cough and colds checked, the doctor wants her injected with antibiotic, vitamin B complex, and a medicine to lower her temperature since based on her initial check-up, she had a fever. But the vet and us decided to return the next day instead when we already have her medical records to have a more accurate medication based on her vaccinations.

During her stay in her new home, and while waiting for her next schedule of vet visit, she did her usual stuff. She was not a bark-y type of dog, we only heard her a few times, and howled during her first few nights. She howled inside her cage as if she wanted to sleep with us. We planned to let her sleep in the room once her cough and colds subside, but not that time, not yet.

Lois’ appetite was really good, knowing that Siberian Huskies are natural picky eaters; we wished that she would remain as is until the rest of her time. She couldn't wait whenever she heard us preparing her food; she walked around excitedly until her food was in front of her. She was as excited as ever, and as if she was not fed the whole day - but not until her 5th day with us. Since her 4th day and 2nd visit with the vet (the time that we already had her medical records), she started to slowed down from her usual routine. After her medication by injection, she ate a little and slept most of the time. She was suspected to have been infected by Canine Distemper Virus, but with no screening done. On her 6th day with us, she stopped eating and drinking, though she still wagged her tail and walked around her place, her energy declined so much, and started vomiting – which made us worry even more. As a registered nurse, I know for a fact that I should not show much worry or let her hear that I am worrying so much about her situation, because I still believe that the care’s recipient will be affected by anything she/he hears from the care provider. I should say encouraging words and release positive signals for her. But naturally, it is acceptable that one would show much worry for such situation just like what we sometimes did. And honestly, there will be no person who will not show much worry and depression for such situation, even I had a hard time hiding such emotions.

She was accompanied the whole day on her 6th day, missing Saturday work of her guardian just to keep an eye on her. By that time, she must already be dehydrated, that’s why we were just forcing her to eat, drink, and take her medicines. We called her veterinarian and other knowledgeable friends as well to consult about her situation, we were then decided to have her confined, but was advised by some vets to further observe her. She slept in our room that night. I had her on my chest, and she seemed to be comfortable and relaxed in that situation. The little furball remained sweet until this hard moment, she placed her head near mine, and seemed to like when my arms were around her.

Together with our boss, we decided to have her confined the next day. We have her confined with IV dextrose line to replenish fluids and prevent further dehydration, had her tested for distemper virus, and had her undergo complete blood test. During the mid-afternoon of her 8th day with us, the vet informed us that our dear baby Lois was negative of distemper virus, and this gave us new hope that she might be just sick because of something, something that we assumed that was treatable. But her vet recommended us to have Lois undergo Parvo Virus test, another fatal canine disease together with the previously suspected distemper virus. We had our hopes and faith; we were looking forward to a negative result and wished to pull her out of confinement as soon as possible.

But the mood changed after a few hours. Baby Lois was positive of Canine Parvo Virus. Trying to convince myself that she would get better sooner or later, even though we knew that the virus that infested her body was fatal, I even shared internet researches to her vet that Parvo cases have better chances of survival when hospitalized rather than staying at home, and opposing the vet’s initial report that chances of survival is 5-20% only. Still in the stage of denial, I was trying to convince the vet and myself as well that the rate of survival is 70%. But being in line in the medical field, I know for a fact that doctors often do not lie of the real situation, they do not give false reassurance just to keep sake of the client or patient’s relatives to hope for nothing. Instead, they tell the truth to prepare ourselves for whatever may happen.

That’s life. That’s reality. And we must accept it. We bid goodbye to baby Lois, promised to return the next day to visit her. We left her with encouraging words. We tried to boost her energy by telling her that Stewie and the gang was already waiting for her to come home. But just like what I did to one of our beloved furkid Light who already passed away few years ago due to distemper, even though we were encouraging her to stay alive, to fight for her life, I whispered to her almost the same words I whispered to Light several years ago – ‘Fight for your life, but if you are already suffering too much, if you are already hurting too much, let go and surrender and take a good sleep.’ Unlike what I asked Light before, to wait for my graduation before he surrender, I just told Lois to take a good sleep if she can’t bare the pain anymore. I do not want to feel guilty again by asking her to stay longer; that I know will also prolong her suffering. I do not want to feel selfish. I want her to just have good memories of us and nothing more.

By 10 in the evening, the vet texted us that our baby Lois was crying, probably because of too much pain - pain that she endured for quite a time already. The night passed, and by morning, we received painful news from the vet, that after Lois’ mourning for agony, she slept well already, a very good night sleep.

Parvo virus seemed to be stronger than our faith and hopes, Parvo virus seemed to be stronger than our baby Lois and us. But Lois’ faith to her masters is stronger than the death caused by Parvo virus itself. Lois’ faith and loyalty to us, to her masters’ words to take a good night sleep after a fight well fought to overcome the pain and suffering defeated the infestation of the virus and concluded her short journey on earth.

A week of love affair has been concluded in a tragic way. A tragic ending that will make us remember her loyalty and faith forever. By now, baby Lois, the black and white furball rests in her grave in her own home.

This time, we never felt any guilt because we fought with her in her battle and we tried all possible ways to treat her, all possible ways to save her from the ultimate defeat. We know that she is not regretful for having us as her new masters as well. Wherever happy place Lois might be right now, she’ll surely meet Kuya Light and Sushi. To Lois, kindly tell your story to them and send our love for them.

We love Lois, and she’ll always be our baby girl. 

Happy Sunday with Family

Sundays, mostly, is our free time to spend with our family, and our dogs and cats are part of our family (that’s how it’s supposed to be). Families usually go malling for bonding, but how about our furkids? Can’t they go with us? Of course they can! It is not necessary to leave them home. There are malls in the metro that are certified pet friendly. But we have to take note that some malls are generally pet-friendly, establishments within that mall may apply pet policies and restrictions as well. Also, as a responsible pet owner, do not forget to put your pets on leash, their updated vet records, poop bags, as well as to comply with the pet pass requirements that are imposed by some malls.

Photo Source: Eian's Xperia Xperience
First in the list, is of course, the one tagged as the first ever pet-friendly mall in the country, the first to open its grounds to pets – Eastwood Mall in Quezon City. This mall has always been loved by pet owners because they do not only allow malls in their grounds but even inside most of the shops.  Register your pets at the Eastwood concierge and get a pet pass if you wish to enter the mall. However, if you wish to just enjoy the mall external grounds, there will be no need to get a pet pass. Take note of the gold and silver paws that can be find in the mall's establishments, it indicates the pet policy they are imposing.

Photo Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bonifacio_High_Street

Serendra/ Photo Source: agoda.com
The green lushes of Bonifacio High Street (BHS), Taguig is also an open paradise for pets to run and roam around. Pets are allowed to play in the open area as well as to accompany their owners in dining in the restaurants’ fresco area. Some shops allow full pet access as well. For owners who will release their pets off-leash, just make sure that you are in full command of your furkids since the area is literally an open ground that has many escape points. BHS is one destination where Alaskan Malamute groups often meet. And just across Bonifacio High Street is Serendra, also has park in the middle which allows pet-owner hang-out. Serendra restaurants and establishments however, has different pet policies.

Photo Source: http://www.panoramio.com
Tiendesitas in Pasig is not only a haven for shoppers because of the shop’s affordable prices, it is also a haven for pet lovers because of its around fifty-shop wide Pet Village where pet grooming and pet stores are everywhere; you can even buy your own pets here. To date, Tiendesitas is tagged as the most pet-friendly among other shopping centers. For pet owners, there is no need to acquire for pet passes and they are allowed to stroll anywhere in the vicinity.

Photo Source: edadestower.blogspot.com

Power Plant Mall, Greenbelt 5 and Cash and Carry in Makati allow pets in its grounds. But, take note, small dogs and cats only and must be on pet carriers or strollers. Establishments within the two malls are strict in imposing the malls’ pet policies.

Photo Source: Eian's Xperia Xperience
SM’s biggest mall by land area, SM Mall of Asia in Pasay is also one of pet owners’ favorite destination when hanging out with their furkids. Though pets are not allowed in all establishments, one thing is for sure, all dogs and cats of all sizes are okay to invade its external grounds. In fact, doggie fun runs are frequent in this area, of course, hosted by the biggest pet store in the vicinity, Pet Express. Families and pets get to enjoy bay view and establishments that has frescoes.

Photo Source: sm-northedsa.com

SM North EDSA Sky Garden in Quezon City is an elevated strip of restaurants located just outside SM North’s main mall is also a pet-friendly destination. Litter bag posts are scattered around the area in case you forgot to bring your furkid’s essentials. Pets of all sizes have access to the Sky Garden however, access to the main mall is limited to smaller breeds.

Photo Source: philstar.com
The newest member of the pet-friendly mall circle is Fisher Mall in Quezon City. According to the mall’s social media posts, one thing you can be certain about Fisher Mall is its hosPETality; it is their campaign to attract pet owners to enjoy a day of shopping and dining with their pets.

Photo Caption: crispypataatkarekare.com
Come spend some quality time with your family and pets at Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo, Manila. Also tagged as one of the best pet-friendly mall in the country, the mall allows all breeds and pet sizes to walk around the mall grounds and interiors with their owners as long as they are on leash. A pet pass is needed to be obtained for you to enjoy the day with you furkids. Just present the updated vaccination records of your pets at the mall’s concierge and get a pet pass good for one day. Be mindful of the shop’s color-coded stickers as they indicate degree of pet policies.

By standards, all malls that have pet stores with grooming services allow limited pet access. It is either you put your pets on carriers or trollies or hand carry them, or go to the pet grooming station through the parking area entrance. You will notice that pet stores with pet grooming services are either located on the mall exteriors or near mall parking.

Note:Feel free to comment or message us for any update regarding this article.

Our LIGHT...

Every day turns into night, every beginning comes to an end, and every light fades into darkness…

It was in Baguio when a thing caught our attention; it shone brighter than the sparkling city lights of the cold summer night, it outstood the beauty of the town. On the busy street of Session Road, a cute cuddly puppy caught our eyes, in the midst of the beautiful views; this puppy indeed captured our hearts. On our last night in Baguio, we brought him home with us. We spent the night together and ended the tour the next day with him. We discovered that his cry (whenever he does not see any of us) sounded like those of the pigs’ ^(oo)^. It was quite disturbing but definitely cute and entertaining. We thought of a name that would fit him. We first considered ‘Ichigo’ (Japanese of strawberry) for he was as sweet as the province’s strawberries. But we had come out of a better and more meaningful name, we baptized him as LIGHT. He was named as such because of his light fur that seemed to be glowing. We never knew that his name would become more meaningful later on.

We traveled 6 hours on our way back home. He was wearing a diaper and was sleeping most of the time. Whenever he wakes up he would start playing the hairs of the ‘walis tambo’ (a signature pasalubong from Baguio). It was really amazing that this 1.5 month old puppy survived such a long ride and just puked only once. At last! He now got a new home and a new family. He grew fast and became bigger and more playful than ever. His features became prominent. He has his white fluffy fur like that of a Japanese Spitz and his pointed nose of a Corgy. (By the way, Light is a Spitz-Corgy). He spent his time playing with the kids, with us and with Kikay’s (a female Aspin) new puppies. It is a cute fact that Kikay became a surrogate mother to Light. She breastfed light as if he was her own son, but it took quite some time before that happened. We also thought that the saying “You are what you eat” fits Light very well because vegetables were his favorite! Light eats lite! (Maybe because he was from a place where vegetables are abundant). Light also experienced many park visits. We visited UP campus (where he got injured because he jumped off a tree bark), he was also a ‘batang Circle’ because he often visited Quezon City Memorial Circle with the family. Those were the moments when he rode the jeepney with us, sitting on my lap and staring at the other passengers.

 There were really many memories that we shared together, this page is definitely not enough to reminisce and write it all, but I will mention some more. Light used to accompany us when buying food for our midnight snack, he used to accompany us whenever I bet for Lotto, he used to accompany us when withdrawing cash from the ATM. Light’s all time favorites were buns, vegetables, rice with tuna oil and fish. Light really eats lite… Lite foods, lite diet, lite amount. He loves to put his head or body on someone’s foot then rub it against him. He used to spread his legs to ask for a rub and hated it very much when his balls were squeezed. He loves to play his rubber and silicon ball toys. He used to bite Kikay’s ears or paws to provoke her for a play. He used to chase the cats and the kids, bully Jelo (another Aspin pup) and eat his own fleas. (Disgusting). He was used to be bullied by a ‘sigang aso’ outside the house. The other dogs used to follow him and smell his behind to check if he’s a girl. He was very jealous whenever we play/cuddle Kikay or the other dogs. He also had my bling bling that I used to wear. But these memories slowly faded when he got sick. He got weak, had fever, cough and colds and later on started to chatter and drool. It was indeed a hard time for him and for us. He strongly battled his illness for almost 3 weeks (He managed to survive longer than the number of days left for him as assessed by a vet through phone). We were not able to bring him to a veterinarian because we have no money at that time, but we did our best to provide him medications, vitamins and supplements. 

We aided him in his battle and never left him. His battle worsens. Pain struck our hearts whenever we see him suffer. His guardian already bid him goodbye while crying a few days before my graduation. Light was really, really weak at that moment, I even thought that it was his last night. But I told Light to please hold on a little more until my graduation. And he did. He continued his battle but it’s too painful already to see him in that way. We told him to rest already because he was too tired. On April 1st’s morning, I played with him, and thanked him for waiting for my graduation and then told him to surrender his fight. I told him “Light, pahinga ka na, mashado ka na nahihirapan.” (“It’s time to take a rest Light, you must have been suffering a lot by now.”) And then when I left the house, Light breathed his last breath on that same morning.

Now, the light has faded into the dark. His presence illuminated the days of our lives that we spent with him, his presence brought light and joy to all of us. Light lights up our lives, our moments together, and our family. His being playful, his bark, his company, his smile will forever be remembered and will eternally stay in our hearts. His memories will continue to provide us with light. I am sure that Light lived a happy life, I know it is the reason why he kept on fighting until the end, he wanted to stay with us and grow old with us. Thank you light for your love and for all the memories. Your one year of stay with us which equates to 8 years in your age was very meaningful. Sorry for our failure, sorry for not bringing you to a vet. We love you LIGHT… Our LIGHT… Always… Shushi, and Hachi, and all the other puppies will now have their kuya...  Wel miss all of you... We will miss you LIGHT...

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Everything is Better with Dog's Hair 1st Major Promo


The game is on! Our first major promo is now rolling! Read carefully and follow the promo mechanics below to win awesome prizes!

1. Participants shall visit the Everything is Better with Dog’s Hair website - http://www.thealphadogattitude.net where full instructions and contest code are posted.
2. Internet users who wish to participate in the promo shall send an email to akvicencio@gmail.com or send a message to https://www.facebook.com/alphadogattitude indicating their name, email address and the promo code posted.
3. They may opt to do the following to accumulate points: like Facebook page, share Facebook page, follow Twitter account, retweet website link, follow Instagram account, re-gram promo poster, and refer friends to do the same.
Point System Guide:
a. Upon registration (through email) 10pts
b. Like Facebook Page (facebook.com/alphadogattitude) 5pts
c. Share Facebook Page in your timeline 3pts
d. Follow Twitter Account (twitter.com/alphadogattitud) 5pts
e. Retweet website link 3pts
f. Follow Intagram Account (instagram.com/skepticninja) 5pts
g. Regram Promo Poster 3pts
h. Promo referrals 1pt/referral

Note: Do not forget to add #thealphadogattitudegiveawaypromo on all your social media postings (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) for points tracking.
4. Referrals shall include your name upon registration through email to be counted as referral point.
5. The participant with the highest accumulated points during the promo period shall win the grand prize and the two (2) runner-ups shall win the consolation prizes.
Prizes: Grand Prize – EZYDOG Harness 2nd Prize – 6-inch Dog Cake by Make and Bake 3rd place – Kong Air Squeaker Tennis Balls


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